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Child Study Project - Child Study Project A Case Study in...

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Child Study Project: A Case Study in Early Childhood Development Umich ID # 11638200 Psych 250 Section 009: Thursday 1pm February 16, 2011
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DATA OBSERVATION SHEET Date: Sunday, February 5, 2012 Time: 2-3pm Setting: Megan (age 6) is painting in her “play-room” with her sister Melissa (age 4). The Mother (Lynn) is in and out of the room intermittently. TIME 2pm 2:02 2:02 2:03-2:15 2:15 2:15- 2:16-2:20 2:20-2:25 2:25-2:28 2:28-2:35 2:30-2:33 2:33-2:35 BEHAVIOR Megan puts blue paint on her brush, and starts painting. Melissa puts her hand in the yellow. Megan yells, “ You are doing it wrong!” at Melissa. Melissa begins to cry. Megan continues to paint Lynn comes into the room and says, “Melissa what’s wrong.” Melissa continues to cry. Lynn says to Megan, “What did you do?” Megan responds (still calm). “Mom I was teaching her.” Lynn (getting angry), “What do you mean?” Megan: “She was doing it wrong. She had to learn.” Lynn: “What was wrong, Megan?” Megan: “Her painting. She used her fingers. She didn’t use the brush.” Lynn: “Megan. Just let her paint how she (Melissa) wants to paint.” Megan: “Does that mean I can use my fingers?” Lynn: “No.” Megan: “Why not?” Lynn: “Because you know better.” Lynn leaves the room. Megan and Melissa continue to paint in silence. Melissa shows Megan her painting. Megan: “Oh very nice, Melissa. I like that you included Sparky.” Melissa: “Megan. It’s not Sparky!” Megan: “Then what is it?” Melissa: “It is you!” Megan: “That doesn’t look like me.” Melissa begins to cry. Lynn enters again to find Melissa crying. “Megan, what happened now?” Megan: “I didn’t do anything.” Lynn: “It takes two to fight, Megan. Melissa stop crying.” Megan: “Mom. It wasn’t me.” Lynn: “Do you want a time-out?” Megan: “Nooooo.” Lynn: “Well you both got a time out. Put the paint away. Megan go to your corner, and Melissa to your step. Don’t leave your spots, until you can hug
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