lab 4 320 - Megan Gueli 11638200 MVS 320 Lab 3 Visuomotor...

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Megan Gueli 11638200 MVS 320 Lab 3 Visuomotor Adaptation, Cutaneous Sensitivity, and Proprioceptive Matching Wednesday Lab 5-7pm Group 2
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Module 1: Visuomotor Adaptation Introduction Coordinating the visuomotor system is a very complex task. It applies to the detection of mechanical stimuli, and how well a passively generated static forearm position can be reproduced in the absence of vision. For this module focus will be on assessing visuomotor learning, examining compensations for visual perturbations, and looking at after-effects as well. It is expected that without adaptation one’s vision will be in line with perception. Then after adaptation the brain will attempt to compensate for the distorted perception. Finally when returned to normal, initially the brain will continue to compensate according to the distorted perception, and then eventually adapt back to normal. Methods A prism adaption paradigm will be used to evaluate visuomotor learning. It forces the visual and motor systems to be recalibrated with respects to each other in order to accurately compensate for the prism goggles horizontally displacing things by twenty degrees causing visual perturbations. It is expected after the adaptation that once the goggles are removed errors will occur in a direction opposite of the visual perturbations
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lab 4 320 - Megan Gueli 11638200 MVS 320 Lab 3 Visuomotor...

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