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Lab Exam Review - that will be required to hold the tonic...

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Lab 1: Phasic and Tonic Muscle Activation Patterns - contract: active tension - generated force in the absence of any neural input: passive tension o when stretched beyond its resting length, passive restoring force attempts to return the muscle to its resting length - hand-held dynamometry: measures relationship between muscle activity and force output in grasping motion - electrogoniometers: used to quantify the amount of flexion and extension about the elbow joint through displacement signals - electromyogram (EMG): electrical activity associated with the contraction of muscle fibers (motor unit action potentials (MUAPs)) o affected by amount of fatty tissue, skin moisture, density of dead skin cell layer - ground electrode: used to reduce the amount of stray electricity from contaminating the EMG signal. Should be attached to radial or ulnar styloid process - It is expected that the further distance away from the equilibrium position the DOF or extension is held at, the more muscle activity, creating a greater force
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Unformatted text preview: that will be required to hold the tonic position . In theory, the biceps should increase their activity around 120 degrees of flexion, and the triceps should have decreased their activity around 90 degrees of flexion, because at this point the biceps have increased their activity There is an increase in muscle activity of the biceps during elbow flexion in order to compensate for the passive restoring force generated by the triceps, and vice versa during extension. Fatigue can result in more motor units being recruited in order for the muscle fibers to maintain the generation of intended force. Henneman’s size principle should be applied in this explanation EMG muscle activity should increase as force increases Laboratory 2: Static and Dynamic Postural Control -Postural control has been defined as the control of the position of the body in space in order to maintain balance and orientation -...
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Lab Exam Review - that will be required to hold the tonic...

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