Parent Interview - Informal Interaction Sunday...

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Informal Interaction Sunday 3:30-4pm -Megan read a chapter of Nim’s Island to me. She read with a lot of expression, and it was clear that Megan had been reading for a couple of years at this point in her life. She pronounced many of the larger, more difficult worlds as smaller ones. It was evident that she had been taught to cover up parts of a big word if she came to one that she did not know. Overall this experience went smoothly. -Then Megan grew restless. I asked her if she wanted to choreograph a dance number with me, and she eagerly agreed. Almost immediately she chose her favorite song, “Nobody’s Perfect” by Miley Cyrus, and began directing me. We had an entire number choreographed in less than ten minutes. I asked Megan if she did this often, and she said that her and Melissa frequently put on shows for her mother and father. Parent Interview with Mother (Lynn) 1. Does Megan have any health complications that may affect her actions and interactions? Lynn: “No. Thank God. She was born a healthy baby, and nothing has been brought to our attention that would lead us to believe she is unhealthy or abnormal in any way.” 2. Does Megan have a set daily routine and a bedtime?
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Parent Interview - Informal Interaction Sunday...

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