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Spring 2011 - CS 173 Spring 2011 Midterm 1 24 February 2011...

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CS 173, Spring 2011 Midterm 1, 24 February 2011 Fill in your name, netid, and discussion section time below. Also write your netid on the last page (in case it gets separated). NAME: NETID: DISCUSSION DAY/TIME: Problem 1 2 3 4 5 total Possible 12 10 12 8 8 50 Score Please move towards the middle or wall end of your row, so that latecomers can easily be seated. Turn in your exam at the front. To minimize disruption, please do this only when the bell rings or at the end of the exam.
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INSTRUCTIONS (read carefully) There are 5 problems, on pages numbered 1-5. Make sure you have a complete exam. The point value of each problem is indicated next to the problem, and in the table on the cover page. You have 65 minutes to finish the exam. Points may be deducted for solutions which are correct but hard to read, hard to under- stand, poorly explained, or excessively complicated. Brief explanations and/or showing work, even when we didn’t explicitly ask for them, may increase partial credit for buggy answers.
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