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The Scholarship Jacket

The Scholarship Jacket - the shock that rooted me flat...

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Gonzalez, p1 Andres F. Gonzalez Prof. Keeler Writing 39A-Essay 1 January 9 th , 2008 The Scholarship Jacket The Scholarship Jacket is a short story about a girl whose achievements had legitimately won her a scholarship jacket. The plot revolves around whether or not she would get it since the school wanted to award it to the daughter of the only storeowner in the city for political reasons. The author uses an eloquent combination of narration and dialogue to maintain the story going. Even the title itself was a superior example of a symbol. The jacket, wasn’t just an article of clothing, it symbolized the achievements and merits of a hardworking student. The author used figurative language to keep the reader on a very realistic and emotional tone. “I still remember
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Unformatted text preview: the shock that rooted me flat against the wall as if I were trying to blend in with the graffiti written there,” describing how she had reacted, using figurative language, to the conversation she overheard (about losing the jacket simply for being Mexican and daughter of a farmer.) Towards the end the author also used internal monologue during the meeting between the student and the principal. The internal monologue, the student said, “What did he want know?” Implying she didn’t say that out loud but she thought about it. Overall the author combined and balanced many writing techniques to strengthen the quality of the story....
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