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Journalism 162 20:58 Minority is less than half. Sociopolitical sense: people characterized by some combination of political oppression (can’t vote), economic exploitation (not being paid a proper wage/bad conditions/not getting paid), social discrimination (Jim Crowe laws) and cultural marginalization (people who don’t have their values represented properly/sufficiently within cultural sights of mass media/groups who are consistently stereotyped in the media). Underprivileged non-whites will outnumber those who categorize themselves as white. This will confuse the definition of a minority. Becoming a problematic term People who designate themselves as white are already creeping into the minority category. It is not always clear who is a minority: Asian Americans History- Some have argued that Asian Americans should be considered a sociopolitical minority because of the past (WWII, camps, considered a threat, exploitation) o 54% of those who claim to be Asian Americans have a college degree, which is more than the other minority groups o Median income $54,000, which is higher than any other group Class- Asian Americans are well off. Not all Asian Americans have succeeded. There are some groups within the Asian American group that are actually pretty pour. SE Asians average income is $11,000 in 2008. Poverty. Internal diversity- Asians in America have their homes in various countries. Approximately 1/3 of the world. Very diverse set of countries, people, cultures, etc. History of Experiences of US Minorities Differences- Historical difference, in the way they come to America. Histories of the 5 groups that came to America How are the minorities treated by the majority in America? African Americans
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Britain, France, Portugal, Spain came to Africa, captured Africans and took them, sold them into captivity/slavery in the Americas. 12-15 million Africans were enslaved and transported Asian Americans Come to America in large numbers in the mid 1800’s. First the Chinese, then Japanese, Filipinos, Koreans, Indians. Come for economic opportunity, political refugees, education They came voluntarily. They came as laborers They all became targets of racial bigotry. Arab Americans Began to come to America in the 1800s. Early immigrants were eastern orthodox Christians, but from the regions identified as Arab today. Came from Greater Syria (Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Iran). Most were Lebanese. Did not identify themselves as Arab American until later. Pan-Arab Bayoumi- After 9/11 Arabs and Muslims became the new “problem” of American society. Only after 9/11 was this the new mentality. Americans blamed ALL Arabs for the terror attacks. After 9/11 Arabs and Muslims were mixed and placed in the same category.
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Journalism 162 - Journalism162 20:58 Minority is less than...

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