Obama speech analysis

Obama speech analysis - -emotional memory of...

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Obama, “A More Perfect Union” and Narrative Memory of first attending Churhc: -Narrative displays emotional attachment to church -creates bridge, trust between audience and Rev. Wright -see Wright as human, complex -Narrative/story tools—personfication, rhetorical devices Memory of family background: -Relate to audience—mixed-racial heritage, connection to America’s background -unique opportunity -change/unity -story only possible in America Ashley’s story -summarizes main points -unity, coming together. Bridging gaps -redirects focus of criticism -she doesn’t blame others
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Unformatted text preview: -emotional memory of Grandma-Personal, warm-emotions, complexity-contradictions-Past isn’t just past-Forget the past?—don’t hold on as tightly?-embrace, but don’t become victims Connection of Narrative and Purpose of speech:-his story is the representation of main point-Americanness of story aligns Obama with patriotism-individual stories—we can change and create our own stories-Separates public and political persona-pathos and emotions—shared humanity—change as country-too utopian? Practical examples?-use of “we”...
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Obama speech analysis - -emotional memory of...

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