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HISTORY 313 NOTES - Crisis of management 235-284-May...

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HISTORY 313 NOTES - Virtus and Empire - Vir -Man -Roman Frontiers -Marked by a place, line wall but the line is almost like a place to meet with the enemy to talk and try to adopt more for their army. -Roman ecological border -Border is on wine vs. beer -Wine and beer grow in the Mediterranean - But bear, grain, can grow in more places -Mediterranean protein packages do not work well with north of roman boarder. - People not on people/wine side would have a lot of milk, dairy, cheese- protein diet. On north side of boarder. -Lower populations because of amount of deaths due to lack of amount of food. Takes a lot of energy to feed livestock. -Population -Wealth in east and south because that’s where the people are -The more people, the more wealth- eastern side -The more people to do stuff to make money -Roman Government
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Unformatted text preview: - Crisis of management 235-284-May military commanders try to become emperor at once-Monetary problems-Emperor Diocletian 284-305-great military commander-made political decisions to prevent roman empire falling apart-took other military leaders who wanted to be emperors and had them work with him to make it a better place-Generals work together-Divided empire into four sections-Regulated the natural divisions-added empires for each place called agustus and a ceaser working in unison-Tetrarchy: four guy rule- when agustus retired, a new ceaser would come to help- Religious traditionalist-wanted to revive the glories of the empire-tried to revive the currency- was not happy that people weren’t being religious- roman empire thought they were good because of the religion-“Great Persecution” 303-312...
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