HISTORY 313 NOTES - Constantinople-Ecclesiastical...

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HISTORY 313 NOTES -wants to get rid of propriety and the religion of Christianity -Failed, instead Christians looked good after it -Tetrarchy -Did not work - Diocletian retired but the other Augustus did not retire -New civil war- but with better management - other emperors were fighting, asked for Diocletian’s help but he wouldn’t come back -Constantine - wins the civil war -rules whole empire: 313-337 -became interested in Christianity, and converted to the religion - once he allowed Christianity become a religion, he became interested - first Christian roman empire -Confirms toleration of Christianity in 312 - foundation of Constantinople 330 -called it new Rome -founded as a purely Christian city - brought stuff from old Rome to create a new capital for him -Eusebius -wrote history about the church during the time where Constantine is ruling
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Unformatted text preview: Constantinople-Ecclesiastical history-prior to him, history thought that something would rise and become great, and then fall but he had a different idea-Teleological world view: history has a start, creation- it was created and where does it go next?-next world where the roman has a new world, where the religion is Christian-loves Constantine, and Constantinople-Christian Roman Empire-Constantine 313-337-confirms toleration of Christianity in 312- foundation of Constantinople 330-council of Nicaea 325-Called by emperor- Unity and uniformity-worked by exclusion Roman Government 4-5 th Century-usually two emperors- usually working together-one is most likely to be in Constantinople- ones in west, not rome- Theodosius, last to rule both halves...
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HISTORY 313 NOTES - Constantinople-Ecclesiastical...

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