HISTORY 313 NOTES - -Ostrogothic Kingdom of Italy conquered...

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HISTORY 313 NOTES -the eastern and western halves have been administered separately for 242 years. -constantinople is 197 years old - the last western emperor had been deposed 51 years ago -the disolusion of the western empire is not that lod -Justinian I - his goal: strengthening and restoring the empire Eastern Empire -Anastasios, emperor 491-518 -financial official - full treasury - in charge of taxing, and doing a good job of it -Justin, emperor 518-527 -Justinian, emperor 527-565 -nephew of Justin -attempted to restore the empire -re-conquest of the western roman empire -reform of roman law -building -spending money anatasios had built up -religious unity -Re-conquest -attempt to regain the western roman empire -vandal kingdom of North Africa conquered in 533-34 -north Africa is a wealthy province -easy to do , and captured it
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Unformatted text preview: -Ostrogothic Kingdom of Italy conquered, with difficulty, between 535-555-bitch to conquer Italy, they didn’t want to be conquered-Theodora-born ca. 497 (end of 5 th century)-Procopios of Caesarea-secret history-wars- 3 volume book, detailed account of justinains wars (agains Persians, vandals, and ostrogoths)-was main generals of conquests of Italy- buildings- describing all the things justian built and how great he was.-Procopio says:-daughter of the “green” fraction bear-keeper-Nika Riots-532 an increase resentment of Justinian’s taxation-protestors filled hippodrome- Theodora argued against flight-Justinian ordered Belisarius to attack protestors and kills all of them-Aristocratic resentment of Justinian’s marriage to a whore-all of Justinian’s advisors and officers were self-made men...
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HISTORY 313 NOTES - -Ostrogothic Kingdom of Italy conquered...

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