HISTORY 313 NOTES - -scythians people who lived north of...

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-ethnogenesis -created a community -you are who you think you are -Slavs in the southern Balkans -Roman Story -Invasions -avars and slavs -attack Thessaloniki 584, 586 -avars besiege Constantinople 626 -avars sieges of Constantinople 674, 678 - bulgars defeat romans 679-680 - southern Balkans Loss of imperial control- not getting any tax residue -people stopped paying taxes -people opting out of roman empire -tax revolt? -Names -gentiles- none Christians, heathen- the god less
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Unformatted text preview: -scythians- people who lived north of the Danube, and black sea, rode a horse fast and bows and arrows-Sclavenoi-Venethi-Antes-Milengoi serial, masedomia-Asian Christianity- Justinian-attempted to restore the empire-re-conquest of the western roman empire-reform of roman law-building-religious unity-Persian empires-achaemenid empire- 558-330 bce-alexander’s empire- 334-330 bce-Seleucid empire-323-83 ce...
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