HISTORY 313 NOTES - -why would empire do that?-job of...

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-sassanian empire 224-651 CE--- one of the largest, strongest Persian empires.—third century very agressive -Shapur I captures emperor Valarian Ad 258 -showing romans that the Persians will be a great and powerful enough to take them down -Sassanian fight with romans heavily during justinans reign -Banulahm- support Persia -banugassan-support romans -Arabs 6 th century -Ghassanids -banu ghassan -roman allies -Lakhmds -banulakhim -sassanian allies -Early Christianities -Variety and Variations in early Christianity -arguments of who jesus is, the old testament god is different, what god is, -consensus driven by empire and not by Christians that wanted others to think about Christianity the same
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Unformatted text preview: -why would empire do that?-job of empire is to keep gods happy and make stat prosper thorugh proper religion-Christian Roman Empire-council of Nicaea 325-called by Emperor-unity and uniformity-define Christianity properly-council o Constantinople 381-council of Ephesus 431-concil of chalcedon 451-Christian theology-Trinitarian controversies:- god the father?, Jesus the son?, Holy ghost!-ended up with the official Constantinople belief- there are three parts: jesus was god but a little less than the father god,-council of Nicaea 325-holy ghost -council of Constantinople 381-Christological controversies-so, Jesus is gd but also human hmmm-council of Ephesus 431...
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HISTORY 313 NOTES - -why would empire do that?-job of...

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