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- council of chalcedon 451 -2 nd council of Constantinople 553 -all three try to find out out god can be divine and human -Christology -Monophysites -“one nature”- mono + physis -nature was divine -christ is god; Christ had one divine nature -mary is mother of god -open to the accusation that god suffered and died - In Egypt and elsewhere - Nestorians -named for theologian nestorios -sometimes called duophysites for duo+ physis -Christ is human and divine - jesus had human nature just like us - mary is the mother of Christ -god did not suffer and die -Council of Chalcedon -Fourth Ecumenical council 451 -emperors wanted to reconcile all Christians in empire -came up with compromise- Chris is one person in two
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Unformatted text preview: nature-two natures fully united: unconfused, unchangeable, indivisibly, inseparably-mary is the mother-Eastern Christianity- Chalcedonians- both human and divine nature-imperial church, in union with west-Monophysites- one nature-Strong in Egypt-Jacobites (Syrian Monophysites-bishop Jacob baradeaus ordained monophysite priests for Syria & Sassanian Empire-Nestorians- two nature: human in nature and divine in nature-Strong in Syria & Sassanian empire-Nestorian Patriach sent missionaries to china in 497-small community until 16 th century-everybody calls themselves orthodox-Christian Arabas 6 th Century...
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