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HISTORY 313 NOTES - has Egypt the money and the nile and...

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- Ghassanids -banu ghassan -roman allies -monophysite Christian -Zoroastrianism -Ancient Persian dualist religion -Judaism -Destruction of Temple 70 -Jerusalem Talmud ca. 3 rd -4 th centuries -Babylonian Talmud ca. 4 th -6 th centuries Religion in Arabia Arabia 6-7 th century o Monophysite Christians o Nestorian chrsitians o Chalcedonian chrsitians o Non-pauline chrstians o Jews -Sassanian Emperors -Chosroes I Ansushirwan 531-579 -repeatedly attacks roman empire - around same time of Justinian -during Slavic inavasions in Greece 580s’ 590’s -Chosroes II parvez 591-631: maurice’s adopted son -attacks er’ one after the death of Maurice
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Unformatted text preview: - has Egypt- the money and the nile and the grain and the Euphrates -Roman Emperors-maurice 582-602-has to deal with slavs after chosroe dies-slavs are hard to find to fight-maurice gets murdered- phocas 602-610-killed Maurice, and his family-Heraclius 610-641- 622 CE Join Avar and Persian siege of Constantinople- Leaves Constantinople to find people who hate Persians- Attacks Persia -re wins roman land back-Brings the True Cross to Constantinople in 532-Muhammad-Born Mecca ca. 570-Began preaching in Mecca...
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