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HISTORY 313 NOTES - -there is no god but god and Muhammad...

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-622 emigration of Muhammed and followers to Medina -beginning of Muslim Era -630 Conquest of Mecca -Prophetic Monotheism -Koran -praise song -bible stories -Judicial statements -ka’ba shrine in mecca was built by Abraham and Ishmael -all arabs descend from Ishmael -founded the shrine -Muhammed thinks the shrine needs to be purified and gets kicked of mecca. -arabs had forgotten their Abrahamic faith -Jesus was a prophet and messiah -not god -but miraculously conceived by the virgin mary -the crucification of jesus was not in the Koran but jesus was let into heaven -Ascetic Piety: essentials to religion -Confession of Creed
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Unformatted text preview: -there is no god but god and Muhammad is the messenger of god-prayer-dawn, noon, afternoon, sunset, evening-fasting-Alms-Pilgrimage-Muslim Story of Origins-Ninth-century consolidated histories tell a sotry of rupture from age of ignorance of age of islam-with no reference to other reiligions-The9th century story of origins still has meaning-Ibn Ishaq-First biographer of Muhammad-died in Iraq 761-known mostly as excerpted by ibn hisam d. 833-Arab Polity-emigration 622-muhammad dies 632-four rightly-guided caliphs 632-661-umayyad dynasty 661-750-abbasid dynasty 750-1258 (loss of political power in 945)...
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