HISTORY 313 NOTES - -antroplogical explanation-muhammad taught all arab tribes that they were all family This created tight tribal unity The fact

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-Arab Conquests -632 Death of the prophet -634 unification of Arabia -638 conquests of Syria -641 conquest of sasanian empire -642 conquest of Egypt -649 Cyprus -652 armenia -674-678 unsuccessful siege of Constantinople -706 algeria, morocco -710-13 sind (west of indus) -711-12 Iberian Peninusla -715 Transoxania -717-718 unsuccessful siege of Constantinople -Reasons for Arab success -State of the competition -Persians had just gotten asses kicked by Heraclius and arabs took over Persians lands easily -Opposition of chalcedon - the areas that the arabs took over, they didn’t want to join the imperial church. Places like alexandira, Syria that were part of Byzantium. The people of the land didn’t want to be part of the empire
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Unformatted text preview: -antroplogical explanation-muhammad taught all arab tribes that they were all family. This created tight tribal unity. The fact that they are unified, they fight better -Morale Explanation-muhammad gave them religious fire and gave them better moral. Faught harder cause they believed god was on their side.-Divine Explanation-god wants arabs to win. OR, god wants the romans to lose -Heraclius’ Dynasty-Heraclius 610-641-constantine III and heraclonas-Constans II 641-668-Constantine IV 668-685-Jusitnian II 685-695-Crazy man-Leontios-Tiberius-bad emperor, chopped his nose off and was banished. He built up his army and camp back-Jusinian II AGAIN 705-711...
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