HISTORY 313 NOTES - -Constantine VI 780-797-Irene...

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-Well, -No professional army -Iconoclasm -god’s wrath -smashing of icons -why are we loosing wars? - Leo III 717-741 -objection to idolatry, 730 -Militarily successful at point icons come down -cross of victory -replaced icons to show religious symbolism -Iconophile response -leo is influenced by Jews -leo’s a savage beast -Iconoclasm -Constantine V 741-775 -leo’s son -Cross of Victory -seems to be working -754 Council of Hiereia -decide no more worshiping of icons/icons in general -Leo Iv (Irene) 775-780 -son of Constantine V -Irene 797-802 - wife of leo mother of Constantine VI
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Unformatted text preview: -Constantine VI 780-797-Irene 797-802-797 was imprisoned by Constantine VI because he wanted to be emperor but people helped Irene and killed Constantine VI and she became empress-Restores icons with 2 nd Council of Nicaea, 787-2 nd Iconoclasm-815-843-wrath of God-khan krum of Bulgaria-811 Nikephoros I-killed by khan and his skull was made a cup-754 concil of hiereia-787 council of Nicaea II-ends up there is another group/council-nicaea was bad, hiereia was good-icons were bad again-later switch back to icons being good!-real time the theology of icons develops...
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HISTORY 313 NOTES - -Constantine VI 780-797-Irene...

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