HISTORY 313 NOTES - -Change in Scale-writing: -size of the...

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-with icon on the seal- says your not iconoclasm -Under hercliaus’ dynasty the empire was a mess -under isaurian dynasty- empire was taken care of -Isaurian Dynasaty -leo III 717-741 -theopain calls him the beast -Constantine V 741-775 -theopain calls him the crap name -Leo IV 775-780 -Constantine Vi 780-797 (790-792) -Irene 797-802 -clear that in this period: -emperors are doing better -things are getting stable in empire -we don’t know how or why because all the writings that were nice about them were destroyed -Emperor Irene -didn’t want to be just empress because she wanted to show she was sufficient to be emperor
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Unformatted text preview: -Change in Scale-writing: -size of the letters change-what motivates you to write in smaller letters?-what theyre writing on is very expensive-papyrus is cheap but given to romans from Egypt and theyre in war soo what to do no?-use leather from animal hide to write on-Manuscule: big writing -Miniscule Small writing-Creates the early medieval filter-Early Medieval Filter-if it didnt get copied into miniscule, we dont have it-Law-Justinian:-Definitive compendium of All Roman Law-codex-institutes-digest-Corpus Juris Civilis-CJC-Leo III-Ecloga- selection-roman law-mosaic law- lost...
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HISTORY 313 NOTES - -Change in Scale-writing: -size of the...

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