HISTORY 313 NOTES - -Emperor irene-went on about a year...

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-not many milisaria circulated because silver is expensive -Changes in Chrnoology -Dating things -Tax Cycle -indiction, 15 year cycle -documents mention which year in the cycle -cycles are not counted -way to determine what year it is -“2 nd year of the 2 indiction of Justinian’s reign. .” -Emperor -Year of Creation -5508 -Survival of Empire -Limitation of Goals -Cared whether or not you paid your taxes -care whether or not you were able to rebel, looked like you could, looked like you could flip off tax collector -sovereignty -no private castles -no “lords” -kept equalalitarim empire -no one got too big
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Unformatted text preview: -Emperor irene-went on about a year journey to “reconquest” the land/people that revolted and convinced them to be part of empire again-Supporters-Theologians-who wanted to be bishops-Eunuchs-promoted people that have been mutilated as children to serve her and only her. They have no family to worry about. -Not Family-Aristocracy of Title-Aristocratic families names were not used in the 9 th century-leo the mathematician-john the grammarian-nikephoros the logothete-Miechale the strategos-last name becomes what they’re good at-Franks and Papacy-growing together...
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