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HISTORY 313 NOTES - -soon changed to completely different...

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-when pope in Rome doesn’t get help from Constantinople he gets help from franks -Charlemagne -king of franks from 768 -emperor of rome from 800 -died 814 -emperor at same time as Irene -was in rome to get crowned, he conquerors Italy from lombards -gets in way of byzantine empire -believed he was better to be to be emperor of roman empire -people in other part of roman empire are not happy -you’re fighting the roman empire, how do you think you could be a emperor of more than one area -Restoration of Roman empire? -land he gains is given to his one son -his one son gives it to his three sons and divides land -charles the bald, lothair I, Louis the german -Umayyad Caliphate -umayyad Caliphate -damascus -661-750 -coinage started resembling roman coinage
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Unformatted text preview: -soon changed to completely different- with words from the Koran-Abbasid Revolution-Umayyad Caliphate-Damascus-667-750-Abbasid Revolution 750-foundation of Baghdad 758-argued and preached of religious revival-abbasid said that umayyads are in the dessert having orgies, getting drunk-abbasids conqueror umayyads and start a new caliphate and move to a new city- Baghdad-Persian revival?-capital(ctephial) is right next to baghdad-rival between Persian and arab islams-Umayyad Caliphate in al-Andalus-Bulgar Khanate-khan krum 796-814-Nikephoros 802-811-invaded bulg khanate-sacked capital at piska _______________________________________________________________________ ________________-Amorium and Medieval...
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