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-rural societies less susceptible -Change in Urban Fabric -Some things are gone -Roman transportation required that they need roads -Arabs transportation-camels- don’t need road system -Avenues -Amphitheaters -Large baths -No bath? =Smelly stinky people but they still bathed. . -A city can be very large and not look roman -Cities move -An abandoned city does not mean lower population overall -Monumental building is a matter of government -Population density varies _______________________________________________________________________ ____________ Perfection of Theology- saints and hagiography -Terms -Patriarch: bishop in a leadership city - Means “father” -Antioch
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Unformatted text preview: -Alexandria-Jerusalem-the big patriarchal city because of the amount of Christians and converting-Rome added in 4 th century-the patriarchs in Rome are popes and they dont have an emperor above them-Bishops are in control of any place that there are Christians-Constantinople added in 4 th century-patriarch appointed by emperor-part of patriarch role was to be help convert Christianity-could be layperson at time of appointment-tarasios 784-806 (Irene patriarch)-Supported the emperor-Caesaropapism-Coined in 1740s -Critique of political intervention in religion-Assumes church/state dichotomy-State and church should be free from one another...
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