HISTORY 313 NOTES - was genuine and the council of 787 was...

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-Assumes ‘real’ religion is apolitical -prioritizes faith and spirituality over action & ritual -Protestant/European critique of the Byzantine Empire -Corrupt state church -Empty ritual -Superstition -Roman Religion -piety a matter of actions -not faith and inner spirituality -all the priests were politicians -caesar agustus pontifex maximus -in charge of all agustus- head of roman religion -imperial religions -emperor is the head of the imperial religion -proper religious actions help the state -the empire is successful because of proper religious actions -the empire exits to foster Christianity -Iconoclasm -730-787 -754 council of hiereia supported Iconoclasm -787 2 nd council of nicae restore icons -2 nd iconoclasm -815-843 -in 815 emperor Leo V called a council which ruled that the council of 754
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Unformatted text preview: was genuine and the council of 787 was heretical-Triumph of orthodoxy-843-empress Theodora arranged for restoration of Icons and re-instatement of Irene’s conference of 787 as the true 7 th ecumenical council-feast commemorated on the first Sunday of lent-marked end of theological discussion-cultural memory of orthodox community-seal on era of contention-‘We know this from the fathers’-St. Theodora-No objections in Theophilos’ Lifetime-according to her hagiographer-Medieval roman religion-Normative orthodoxy- theology in which there are sharp lines of what is true and right and that everyone should do it-all roman citizens were orthodox- no paganism-Continuity in practices-Candles-Incense...
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HISTORY 313 NOTES - was genuine and the council of 787 was...

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