HISTORY 313 NOTES - -Basil I “the Macedonian”...

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-no monastic orders -no organization to monasticism -don’t have sex, become monks- if they take their vows, they can be a monk and nun living in their own house and = legitimate monastery -priests integrated into society -sainthood informal -“holy guy” -got it by having people think you are holy -loose regulation of everything -weak church hierarchy Missionaries -Conversion -greek ‘history’ is deeds of men at arms -our narratives are political -missions-embassies -marriages and baptisms of princes -Important empreors -Theopilos 829-842 -Theodora’s husband -she restores icons -Michael III 842-867 -regency of his mother Theodora 842-856 -with help from uncle Bardas 856-866 -with basil 866-867 -Macedonian Dynasty
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Unformatted text preview: -Basil I “the Macedonian” 867-886-Leo VI 886-912-Basil’s son-Macedonian dynasty lasts until 1056-Missionaries-850’s Christian preachers among Bulgars-860’s Mission of Constantine the Philosopher-AKA Cyril- took new name when became monk and first letter of new name is the same as real name-methodios- brother of Constantine-together thought of best way to convert slavs-created Cyrillic alphabet -actually Glagolitic-Slavic-Language Missions-together worked and trained people to be able to use Slavic language for missions ot help convert-Latin translation is fine, why not Slavic-Rastislav of Moravia-Asks Michael III for missionairies in 863-Where’s Moravia...
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HISTORY 313 NOTES - -Basil I “the Macedonian”...

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