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HISTORY 313 NOTES - -photios ‘lets’s get over...

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-constatnine and Methodios find Moravia and Preach -not successful in short term -Fought with Frankish missionsiares -felt like it wasn’t their jurisdiction -Photios and Ignatios -Photios- 810-892 -Ignatios- 797-877 -Both elected twice -Photian Schism -ignatios, patriarch 847-858 -appointed by Theodora, sacked by bardas -Photios, Patriarch 858-867 -fought with pope Nicholas -863 Pope Nicholas declares photios “deposed” -photios excommunicates Nicholas -photian schism 863-867 -Ignatios, Patriarch867-877 -emperor Basil I 867-886 -Photios, patriarch 877-886 -Photian ‘Schism’ -major issues -accommodation with former iconoclasts -ignatios hard-line “NO!”
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Unformatted text preview: -photios ‘lets’s get over it’-Photian “schism’-Major Issues-Fliioque-father and son are co equal- firsth used in 6 th century visigothic Spain-809 pope leo III rejects change to creed-but filioque commonly added in Europe-867 photios condemns “filioque” as heretical-866 Boris (Khan of bulgars 852-89)-converts to Christian in 863-baptized Michael, sponsored by Michael III-Rome or Constantinople?-baptism sponsored bye Michael III-866 asks pope questions about custom and doctrine-letter of pope-letter of photios-mostly about Bulgaria and ecclesiastical jurisdiction-get out of Bulgaria and by...
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