HISTORY 313 NOTES - -with help from uncle Bardas,...

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-Pope refuses independent Archbishop for Bulgaria -870 Autocephalous Patriarch in Sophia -Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction -Illyricum, Sicily and Calabria -transferred to Constantinopolitan jurisdiction -bulgaria -Basil and David -Renaissance? -cultural memory -Theophilos (829-842) -Leo the mathematician -presented new scientific idea to manage to attacks from the Arabs for theophilos -have signal fire that would be lite one after another across mt -different times=different meaning to fires -Fire Telegraph -aeschylus -automata -golden creations that move on their own -Michael III 842-867 -regency of his mother Theodora 842-856
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Unformatted text preview: -with help from uncle Bardas, 856-866-with basil 866-867-Basil the Macedonian-found Macedonian dynasty 867-1056-longest dynasty, most powerful-Basil I 867-886-Leo VI 886-912-Basils son 0Sources for life of Basil-life of basil-vita basili-commissioned/written by basils grandson, Constantine VII-ca. 950-pro-basil and Macedonian dynasty-Chronicle of Symeon the logothet-georgius moachus continuatus-covers 842-948-written ca 960s or 980s-Basil-born 830s-Macedonia/Bulgarian captivity/ Thrace-no education but big and good looking...
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HISTORY 313 NOTES - -with help from uncle Bardas,...

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