HISTORY 313 NOTES - -protostrator Basil-head of...

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-Comes to Constantinople -first night in big city stays in a church in St. Diomedes -Prosmonarios of monastery, Micholas -prosmonarios has a vision that emperor is on front porch and sees homeless guy, basil. Has the same vision a few times and eventually has a vision that he, homeless guy, will be next emperor and must take care of him -Nicolas brother was a doctor working for Theophilitzes -Theophilitzes -imperial party -basil wins a wrestling match -emperor is impressed and wants him to wrestle horse -alexander the great takes on horse- beats the horse that has never been beat before -Danelis -Basil -Imperial hetaireia -Bardas ousts Teoktistos/Theodora in 856 -sacks theoktistos’s protostrator
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Unformatted text preview: -protostrator Basil-head of stables-856-Parakoimomenos Basil-by the bed-864-Usually for eunuchs-Suitable marriage-Divorce maria-Marry eudokia lingerine- but take comfort with thekla, Michaels sister-Michael married to udokia dekapolitissa-Bardas assassinated-one story: by Michael-basil: ruthless power driven guy-Co-emperor Basil-adopted son of Michael-Michael murdered 867-Emperor Basil, 867-886-co-emperor with on Constantine-Constantine dies of illness-leo VI the wise 886-912-son of basil (?) or Michaels since he was sleeping with basils wife-Remembering Basil-humble shepherd-chosen by god-sinful murderer. By proxy...
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HISTORY 313 NOTES - -protostrator Basil-head of...

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