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HISTORY 313 NOTES - -marries three times and all wives...

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-mourns his son -deeply penitent -Succeeded by a wise king -story similar to david from the bible- sees women on rooftop, loves her, sends her husband to death in war, gets wife, son is born, and died, and david -Nero, bad emperor 54-68 Constantine VII Porphyrogenitos -porphyro- purple, -genitos-born -born in the purple: meaning that there is a purple room in the palace for boring the emperor. -Macedonian Dynasty -use biblical imagery to show amazingness of kings- david and solomon -Basil I 867-886 -Leo VI 886-912 “the Wise” -Created new laws that were to be added to Justinian’s laws - making roman laws Christianized -things need to be regulated by the church -marriage in church is equally valid as one with contracts -only have sex with spouse, only have one spouse -if spouse dies, marry again. If spouse dies again, maybe maybe can marry someone else
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Unformatted text preview: -marries three times and all wives die-“tetragamy controversy”-leo tries to get married for a fourth time and all hell breaks loose-Zoe Karbinopsina, leo’s mistress, bores a boy in the purple room-baby Constantine is baptized by church as long as leo doesn’t get married again =economia-leo and zoe get married when patriarch isn’t looking-image of leo in church sofia of him begging to jesus and bowing to appologize-Alexander 912, 913 (leo’s brother) rules for a year or so due to constantine’s age-Constantine Gets crowned and shortly after Leo dies-Regency of Zoe 914-919 and Patriarch have to work together to rule-Romanos I lakapenos 920-944-military leader who believes he should be emperor instead of patriarch and zoe-instead of killing Constantine, marries his daughter to leo...
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