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-father of the emperor - Stephen and Constantine Lakepenos 944-45 -sons of romanos rule for a little -bring down their father, kill their father for emperor power -Romano’s’ supporters kill them -Constantine VIII alone 945-959 -Organization of Knowledge -de administrando imperio -de ceremoniis aulae byzantinae -de thematibus -early modern European titles -Constantinian Excerpts -selections of classical history -excerpts -appreciated for bits of lost histories -castigated for cuts -53 sections -topics of interests -we have all on embassies and parts of virtues and vices, ambushes, and opinions -10,000 sheep for parchment -perfect parchment
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Unformatted text preview: -perfect writing-rebound page order by Dr. Andras Nmeth-Titles of lost works-other information on methods-not excerpts-re-organization-making the past useful -“imperial Data-Base”-Constantine VII-display of authority-ceremony-“speech-act”-something where you say the words, and the words have meaning but the saying of the words have a larger meaning-an example: “I do” when getting married-“performative action”-doing something with your hands, performing something that act is important-an example: graduation, getting diploma -types of ceremonies-promotionl by word-promotion by prize...
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