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-Village Commune -Mt Athos: center of orthodox monasticism for a thousand years -CASES -Community -Kastron Ierissos -density of houses -Village Siderokausia -Village Radochosta -Kastron Adrameri -Deed of Conveyance -act of sale or donation -alienator is the one giving it away or selling -crosses and signatures of seller/donor -first person description by seller/donor -statement of free will -description of price -description of property -statement about penalties -signatures of witnesses -Deed of conveyance for community? -Roudabon vs radochostas -1008 -Monastery’s mill -is taking away water for use -14 men sign and make crosses on head of document -we, the above-named inhabitants of the village radochostas,
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Unformatted text preview: making the sign of the honored and life-giving cross with our own hands, guarantee to you the monks of the most holy monastery of roubadon-Koloubou vs. heirissos-2 documents, july 9882-1 st main big document: 74 men cross and sign-“we the above-named inhabitants of heriissos-Bishop of Heirissos a witness-not a party-2 nd document 28 men cross and sign-20 men in body of text aren’t all the same people in body of text-only 8 names on both lists-Lavra vs adrameri-30 men cross and sign-12 named in declaration: name themselves: “we the inhabitants of the adrameri… and all the other dwellers, both the so-called co-dwellers and co-payers, of the kastron adrameri….”...
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