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-names do not correspond -“co-dwellers” could be rent farmers, slavs, slaves? -Kolobou vs siderokausi -verdict of judge -the judge hears all parties, describes everything and comes up with this -Wealth disparities -radochostas ‘decided it was just to come together from small to great’- everyone come together and fight monastaries -Settlement payments -Adrameri -received 72 gold nomismata -not helpful to farm with out water, how to share money? -lost control of their water- river -Titles -we see variations of social status in documents
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Unformatted text preview: -some priests-some readers and deacons-some titles-Men at ierissos-13 priests-3 readers-3 deacons-1 cleric-Koubouklesios Stephen -signatures not in order-Household-oikodepsotes-head of household-Household-competition normal-marry most beautiful girl to their son-marry for money-alliances-siblings-houses that youll be most allied with-marriage-baptismal sponsorship-god mother, god father-spiritual brotherhood-fraternities-burial club, insurance club-common spiritual father...
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