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-monk can hear confessions and talk to the people, they become your spiritual father. - Head of household -speaks for household -and network -in alliance -not pecking order -Abbasid Caliphs -Harun al-Rashid -son’s that became caliph: -al-amin (809-813) -al-ma’mun (813-833) -al- Mu’tasim (833-842) -838 sack of amorium -Al-Mutawakkiil -Abbasid Caliph 847-861 -built his own capital at samarra -murdered by a Turkish guard at behest of his son -Buyids -Brothers- Ai, Ahmad and Hasan -decide that they are not going to try to change the caliph -didn’t murder the caliph they told their caliph we will rule Bagdad
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Unformatted text preview: for you, politically and you just hang out and pray-imad al-dawla-mu ‘izz al- dawla-ruled Baghdad 945-967-rukn al-dawla-Egypt and Persia-egypt has the money has the water has the people-Fatimids-runs Egypt and north Africa 969-1171-Samanids-have northern Persia and transoxania 874--Geopolitics-Constantinople and Cairo vs. Baghdad-fatimids/Cairo and people in Constantinople allied-Resurgent Byzantium-Macedonian Dynasty-basil I 867-886-leo vi 886-912-constructed a book that had military tactics-Constantine VII 913-959...
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