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HISTORY 313 NOTES - due to the horses and arming them in...

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-romanos I Lakapenos 920-944 -helps Constantine rule while child, he was a military leader before -Romanos II 959-963 -married to teophano -basil and Constantine are his two kids -Theophano -remarries after romanos to nikephoros phokas -John Kourkouas -Eeastern campaigns 923-944 -NIkephoros Phokas-963-969 -crete 960-961 -Tarsus 965 -Cyprus -Kataphrakts- fighting tactics -cataphracts -Heavily army cavalry units -got the army that was consistently able to be the army of the Abbasids is
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Unformatted text preview: due to the horses and arming them in plates of metal-would ride like birds migrate-the front people would bash people and when they were tired they would go to the back-rode in silence to scare enemy-Hamdanids-10 th century-arab, Syrian -tribal chief of old aristocratic arabs-SAyf al-Dawla-ruled Aleppo 944-962, d 967-Jihad Preaching-under patronage of sayf al-dalwa-ibn nubata al-fariqi of mayyafariqin-hostels for occasional fighters...
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