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History 313 Wikipedia Review - Arenson 1 Haley Arenson...

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Arenson 1 Haley Arenson History 313 David Harrisville 15 February 2012 Theodora Wikipedia Review Theodora is a well-known empress of the Byzantine Empire. It is not a surprise that Wikipedia, a place full of written articles, would have some information on the empress that was as, if not more, powerful than her husband, Justinian. Wikipedia is not always known to be a reliable source for information being that anyone can add, delete or change information that is posted. That being so, the article written about Theodora was fairly knowledgeable and created a rough outline for the things that Theodora accomplished and the personality traits in which she embodied an organized, truthful, and objective manner. The organization of the Wikipedia page on Theodora is organized in a clear way by sectioning off certain areas of her life. Instead of creating a full page with different paragraphs of relevant information, the page is set up into nine sub sections. The first part of the page is a three-sentence introduction to who Theodora is: including that “she was an empress of the Romany (Byzantine) empire and the wife of Emperor Justinian I.” The article continues on into “Historiography”. The next section is “Early Years.” The title clearly explains that this section is about Theodora’s life as a younger woman. “Ascent to the Byzantine throne,” is the next section, describing the way in which she received imperial status. The “partnership in power” is a section based on the Nika Riots and Theodora’s accomplishments as empress. The article then moves into the section of “ Religious policy,” which describes her religious views and how they differ from her husband’s religious views. Than it moves to “death” and ends with “Lasting influence.”
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History 313 Wikipedia Review - Arenson 1 Haley Arenson...

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