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Geosci 105 - Mixed 2x non equal(Los angeles(West coast •...

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-neap tides: destructive interference -MHW: Mean High Water -MLW: mean low water -Further Complication -moon=earth system revolves around the sun in an elliptical orbit.. -causes seasonal cyclical variations in spring tide height -remember newton’s gravity?-depends on distance: farther= weaker force -When earth is closest to sun (what season)? The tidal range is highest when sun closest-implications for coasts. -Madison= closer to sun during winter -Dynamic Theory of tides -Laplace (1775) added dynamic effects- the motion of the water is not instantaneous -Eq. theory speed should be 1600 km/hr But tides are a wave with wavelength=20,000km SO they are shallow water waves, true velocity determined by water depth Continentes get in the way, producing complex water motions - -The Three common types of tides semidiurnal: comes 2x a day per day, equal size: 2 small , 2 big (cape code) (east coast) Diurnal: 1 times per day of high and low tide (new Orleans)
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Unformatted text preview: Mixed: 2x, non equal (Los angeles) (West coast) • Most common-Amphidromic Circulation: an amphidromic point is a no-tide location in the coean- a node in the wave.-coriolis effect deflects water motion in ocean basin, so that the tide wave tends to rotate around amphidromic points.-the earth is rotating-eastward rotation of earth deflects any freely moving mass away from a straight line course-northern hemisphere: deflects to the right-southern hemisphere: deflects to the left-coriolis effect is zero at the equator -when the water is trying to move from one point to another, it tends to curve-Net effect is that tides vary a lot from place to place-Tidal prediction is based on these equilibrium and dynamic theories, but also on the local history in a given spot-tide prediction tables are available online from many sources...
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