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-6,000 people died- worst natural disaster in relation to loss of lives -Galveston seawall: constructed after 1900 hurricane flood disaster to protect citizens and property -worked as designed during Ike in 2008 -but, many expensive beach homes built outside the sea wall were destroyed -Ocean Currents -currents are caused mainly by -wind friction on the sea surface -difference in water mass density -surface currents affect uppermost 10 % or so of the world ocean- above pycnocline -deep water currents are driven by thermohaline convection- below pycnocline (density gradient) -surface currents are induced primarily by prevailing winds -trade winds-tropical areas- easterlies -north of those we have westerlies -wind blows again water and drag water with them and water begins to flow in the direction that the wind is dragging them but coreolis affect moves it too. -this adds up to a system of flow of water that is called the Oceanic gyres: water circulates in ocean: when water is pulled by winds, it must fill in the area
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