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INDEX FORM Contact : Malissa Scola Address : 711 Pitman Witte A- 615 West Johnson Street, Madison WI Telephone : 239-919-2929 Interviewer : Haley Arenson Address : 711 Pitman Witte A- 615 West Johnson Street, Madison WI Telephone : 952-454-1688 Interview : Date : December 3, 2011 Place : Witte Hall Other people present : nope Background noise : Noise of someone knocking on the door to her dorm room. Equipment used : Audio digital recorder Tape Contents Counter # Topic 00:25 The first job Malissa ever had was working as a kennel assistant in Alpine Animal Hospital in Illinois. As a kennel assistant, Malissa had to take care of the animals that were there, which was only dogs and cats. Her responsibilities included letting the dogs out, feeding the animals, administrating medication to them, and keeping their cages and the whole facility clean. 01:01 Malissa was looking for work and wanted to work with animals because she loves all types of animals. She applied to a few places that would have work with animals. She could not work at Petsmart because of their age requirement but instead she applied to Alpine and they accepted her. 01:27 Malissa worked at Alpine for two years, from January 2009 to August 2011. While she was working there for two years, her job as a kennel assistant did not change very much. 01:48 Malissa worked Mondays for three hours and Saturday morning shift for two hours. In total, she would only work five hours a week. The Alpine employers were very flexible and allowed for Malissa to leave early as long as she finished all of her work. In order to determine if she finished all of her duties, there was a checklist for her to complete every workday that contained a list of her responsibilities.
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02:25 Another employee that was leaving trained Malissa. The other employee had been working at Alpine for several years. The veterinarian technicians and or the actual veterinarian never trained Malissa. The business was a privately owned business; therefore there were not rules or regulations that the business had to follow about training. 02:55 The Alpine was run down, brown house-like building. It wasn’t very modern. It was a brick house, with the ceiling caving in, water stains all over, paint peeling, and the ceramic tiles chipping. 03:36 The veterinarian, the owner and boss of The Alpine, was a large reason that customers continued to bring their animals to their business even though it was run down. Before the veterinarian went off on his own and created his own business, he worked at another clinic and brought many of his clients with him because they trusted him with their animals and liked the work he did. 04:18 Other than the main veterinarian and owner, there were three veterinarian technicians and there were three other kennel assistance. However, Malissa did not work with the other kennel assistants because they worked separate days. 05:32
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AWP00206_MS01 - INDEX FORM Contact: Malissa Scola Address:...

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