Folklore 220 America works paper

Folklore 220 America works paper - Arenson 1 Haley Arenson...

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Arenson 1 Haley Arenson Folklore 220 Professor Leary Malissa Scola is currently a freshman at University of Wisconsin-Madison. There, she works at the Union South in a burger restaurant, The Set. Born in Illinois, she was raised as the only daughter of a nurse and a cars salesman. Malissa was a hard working student and athlete but she also managed to find time to work in high school as well. Considering that she is still young, being only nineteen years old, Malissa has had a fair amount of jobs. In total, she has had four jobs that have contributed to not only her work experience and helped build a strong resume but have also shaped Malissa to be the person she is and wants to be in the future. Malissa started working when she was sixteen years old, a fairly usual time for teenagers to start working since they are able to drive themselves to and from work. Her first job was working as a kettle assistant in the Alpine Animal Hospital located in Illinois. It wasn’t hard for Malissa to choose a job working with animals. As a child, and still to this day, Malissa is not only fascinated by animals but thoroughly enjoys spending time playing, cuddling and taking care of them. It is for this very reason that Malissa began working there. It most definitely put her to work; working five hours a week she would feed the animals, manage their medicine and even do the dirtiest of dirty jobs, cleaning up their cages and feces. Nonetheless, Malissa was thrilled to do it. However, Malissa was not an ordinary high school student; she worked not just one job, but also two at the same time. Malissa’s second job, or more like her congruent job, was working as a nursery instructor at Barrington Park District. Here, Malissa cared for children ages eight weeks to eight years of
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Arenson 2 age. It is no doubt just as challenging as working in the animal hospital. The nursery would have
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Folklore 220 America works paper - Arenson 1 Haley Arenson...

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