Folklore 220 Final INTRO

Folklore 220 Final INTRO - Think for a moment back to when...

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Think for a moment back to when you heard you first joke or first humorous story. Can you truly remember the first one you heard? The answer, at least for most people, would be no because our lives are filled with jokes and funny stories. As even a baby, a newborn, we are exposed to these jokes. Granted, we may not remember them, understand them or even have processed them at the time but the truth of the matter is that these jokes and stories are told and fill our mind with their comedy. However, this is not just the American culture or the society that we have grown up in. In fact, all people, all cultures, all religions, all ages, and all folklore groups have their own jokes and or funny stories. It’s a never-ending phenomenon that has grown over the past and will only continue to grow as more people add their funny stories and experiences, and also make their own jokes that may or may not pertain to the certain group to which they belong. Jokes are not always only used for the entertainment aspect of them but also people’s
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