Folklore 220 legend paper

Folklore 220 legend paper - Haley Arenson Folklore 220...

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Haley Arenson Folklore 220 Legend Paper Legends are such an interesting concept. They can be created whenever, wherever as long as they are believable and therefore relatable to people’s lives in some way or another. The legend that was recorded is about a sex offender dressed as a clown that intruded a house while a babysitter is watching some children. It’s unsure where this legend originates and when it was created. It has many variants that alter when different people of different origins and backgrounds tell it. I have actually encountered this legend myself and it was told a little differently than how Abby was told it. These legends, no matter the version, have some underlying fear or societal belief that is stressed. For example in this legend, the fear of being home alone when it is dark is shown in this legend. Also, the societal belief that every criminal should be locked up and stayed locked up or else we are unsafe is emphasized in this legend as well. This is partially why the legends continue to circulate throughout the world. If not for these things, then legends are spread for the entertainment factor. In the case of this legend, the entertainment is a version of a horror story or scary story. People pay money to watch a scary movie, why wouldn’t they pay time to listen to a scary legend? The
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Folklore 220 legend paper - Haley Arenson Folklore 220...

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