Folklore 220- Final project stories

Folklore 220- Final project stories - Jena Lobermeier...

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Jena Lobermeier recorded the following two jokes told by John Lobermeier. During this interview, Jenna and John were not alone. In fact, John was performing these jokes in front of his wife, his two daughters and his son-in-law while at a restaurant. John has been a lifetime resident of the Lakeland area in Wisconsin, which is comprised of many small towns. Throughout his life, John has been fishing, hunting and trapping enthusiast. These jokes and stories bring John to a point of nostalgia for his youth and remind him of some of the best moments in his life. His passion for not only his family and hunting made this a perfect setting for John to share his jokes: his family surrounding him and a smile filling up his face. How to Catch a Rabbit You go out into the woods, dig a hole in the ground about 2 feet deep, sprinkle some ashes around the edge of the hole [John pretends to sprinkle ashes], then put some peas in the bottom of the hole. Then you go hide in the bushes and when the rabbit comes to take a pea, you kick it in the ash-hole. The Natural It was the middle of winter and Ma told me we’re running low on meat so I better go and get some. I got dressed, picked up my gun, and headed to the woods where there was an old deer stand called “The Natural,” where one tree had fallen into the crotch of another tree, real good deer stand. I hadn’t been in the deer stand long when four deer start coming towards me, “The Natural” had been around for a long time and it was pretty rotten. I was just about to squeeze the trigger when “The Natural” broke–but I still killed three of the four deer before I hit the ground. Kaitlyn Mariska interviewed Rex Sheild in Witte Hall Dormitory on October 5
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Folklore 220- Final project stories - Jena Lobermeier...

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