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LitTrans 275 EXAM FINAL-Edited - Arenson 1 Being an artist...

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Arenson 1 Being an artist brings many dilemmas and rewards , so much so that it begs the question of for what will that artist be remembered ? It is no doubt that Andersen continually fought with these same ideas throughout his life , but towards the end of his life , these thoughts became even more prevalent in his writings . In his stories , Andersen alluded that the artist s role of creating true art , whether it is aesthetically beautiful or whether it is showing the bitter truth, is what evokes emotion in the audience . This is represented in the story The Nightingale . The nightingale is not an extraordinary or stunning bird yet the art that it created was absolutely lovely and emotion provoking : that is what Andersen considers true art . When the chief courtier first encountered the bird he said , I had not imagined it would look like that . It looks so common! ( Haugaard 205 ) . Andersen is demonstrating that the role of the artist consists of only creating true and striking art , and that true art is not always seen or appreciated by all people . The idea that the role of the artist is to create art is what ignites an emotional response , as seen when the nightingale first sang for the emperor . It was so beautiful that it aroused affection within the emperor . This is what an artist works for and what an artist truly wants . The nightingale s song was so sweet that tears came into the emperor s eyes ; and when they ran down his cheeks , the little nightingale sang even more beautifully than it had before ( Haugaard 206 ) . Andersen is demonstrating that the role of the artist is to help people understand and appreciate real art and to form an emotional bond between the art and the audience . The role of the artist is also to create art that compels the audience to want to choose art over other aspects of life and to truly appreciate it . In a sense , they should want to choose Dionysian , the god of wine , chaos , freedom , and spontaneity , over Apollonian , the god of the sun , order , and elegance : Dionysian representing art and the life of an artist , where Apollonian represents reality and the life of a full time employee that works to provide for the family . This is shown in the story The Pixy and the Grocer . In this story , the pixy lives with the grocer in order to receive food and housing . However , after experiencing the bewilderment of true art , the pixy wants to live with the student for the wonders of art that the student has in his home ( Haugaard 425 ) . Although the artist of the art the pixy craved was not present in the story , it was that artist s role to create art that one would want to choose over items of functionality in the real world . Andersen shows that artist being successful . Andersen not only defines the role of the artist but also explores himself through his literature by confronting the true rewards and dilemmas he had to face as he continued on his creative trek to become the great writer he is known as today
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LitTrans 275 EXAM FINAL-Edited - Arenson 1 Being an artist...

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