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Updated Fall 2011 - Fall 2011 LitTrans 275 The Tales of Hans Christian Andersen MWF 9:55­10:45am Classroom Bascom 165 Professor Julie K Allen

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Unformatted text preview: Fall 2011 LitTrans 275: The Tales of Hans Christian Andersen MWF 9:55­10:45am Classroom: Bascom 165 Professor Julie K. Allen Office: 1302 Van Hise Office Hours: 9:15­9:45am MF [email protected] Course website: https://wischolar.wisc.edu/littrans275/ Comm­B TAs: Mathew Holland [email protected] Tim Cochrane [email protected] Required Textbooks 1. Hans Christian Andersen. The Complete Fairy Tales and Stories. Trans. by Erik Christian Haugaard. New York: Anchor Books, 1983. (CFTS) 2. Jens Andersen, Hans Christian Andersen, Trans. by Tiina Nunnally. New York: Overlook Press, 2005. (HCA) 3. Danish Folktales. Collected by Mathias Winther. (DF) 4. Various articles available online on the course website (WS) For Comm­B sections: Diana Hacker, Rules for Writers. Bedford/St. Martins, 2010. Course Description If you walk around Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark, or Odense, the city where Hans Christian Andersen was born, you'll see dozens of memorials to him and his creations: streets and restaurants named "Klod Hans" or "Fyrtøjet," statues of one­legged tin soldiers, the Little Mermaid, and HC Andersen himself, as he is known to Danes. Hans Christian Andersen is Denmark's most famous writer, but, truth be told, most people know little about him or his work besides his name and a couple of his fairy tales (usually the ones that have been made into Disney films). This course is your chance to remedy that, to join the cool "in" crowd of HC Andersen aficionados, who can recognize a symbol a mile off and casually refer to decisive moments in mid­19th century Danish history at parties. There's a 1 price to be paid for this knowledge, of course, as there always is, in fairy tales, but it is not your soul or your feet or your firstborn child; it is your close attention, both in class and out, to the facts and fictions of HC Andersen's life and texts. As you do, you’ll learn to read and interpret not only stories but also the scholarly, historical, and cultural documents that contextualize the stories and reveal their resonance with social issues in Andersen’s own time and today. Course Requirements Most students should be taking the course for 3 credits. Students taking this course for Comm­B should be signed up for Lecture 2 for 4 credits. 1. Do the reading and come to class. Even better, participate in class! 2. Help your group create and maintain a page on the course website for your group’s story. This page should not contain a summary of the story, but rather a brief , insightful analysis of the tale, including information from lecture and the textbook, as well as from 2­3 secondary sources. You should have your page finished no later than two class periods after the day on which your tale is to be discussed. 3. Demonstrate mastery of the stories and their meaning on three equally weighted in­class essay exams. Mark your calendar now with the dates: Oct. 5, Nov. 18, Dec. 16. Grading Unless you are taking a Comm­B section, your entire course grade is based on #2 and #3 above. All of the exams will be given in class; there will be no final exam during finals week. If you have legitimate conflicts with any of the exam dates, let me know within the first 2 weeks of the semester. Otherwise, no make­up exams will be given. A 93­100 C 68­74 AB 86­92 D 60­67 2 B 80­85 F below 60 BC 75­79 Course Schedule All readings should be completed by the date on which they are listed. Unit I: The Aspiring Author Fri, Sept. 2 Introduction to the Course Mon, Sept. 5 Labor Day holiday (no class) Wed., Sept. 7 Folktales vs. Fairytales WS: Jack Zipes, “Spells of Enchantment” Maria Tatar, “Introduction” to The Classic Fairy Tales Wilhelm Grimm, “Snow White and Rose Red” DF: “Snow White,” “The Pancake House,” “The Little Kitchen Maid” Fri, Sept. 9 The Storyteller Hans Christian Andersen WS: Jack Zipes, “Hans Christian Andersen and the Discourse of the Dominated” HCA: In Chapter 5: “In Fairy Tale Land,” pp. 240­248 CFTS: “The Emperor's New Clothes,” p. 77 “The Ugly Duckling,” p. 216 Mon, Sept. 12 Modeling Tale Types: Magic/Wonder Tales CFTS: “The Traveling Companion,” p. 40 WS: “The Companion” HCA: Chapter 1,”Arrival,” especially pp. 17­45 Wed, Sept. 14 Modeling Tale Types: Fabliaux CFTS: “Clod Hans,” p. 479 “What Father Does Is Always Right,” p. 713 3 Fri, Sept. 16 Modeling Tale Types: Schwankmärchen CFTS: “Little Claus and Big Claus,” p. 8 “The Tinderbox,” p. 1 Mon, Sept. 19 Finding His Own Style HCA: In Chapter 3, “Wild Like a Poet,” pp. 105­130 WS: excerpts from Walking Tour DF: “The Eleven Swans” CFTS: “The Wild Swans,” p 117 Wed., Sept. 21 In the Salon HCA: In Chapter 5: “In Fairy Tale Land,” pp. 214­230 CFTS: “The Comet” p. 978 “The Bell,” p. 275 Fri., Sept. 23 In the Nursery HCA: In Chapter 5: “In Fairy Tale Land,” pp. 230­240 CFTS: “Little Ida's Flowers,” p. 22 “Inchelina,” p. 29 “Children's Prattle,” p. 630 “The Old House,” p. 346 Mon, Sept. 26 Andersen's School Days HCA: Chapter Two, “In the House of Education,” pp. 64­104 “The Dying Child,” p. 98 CFTS: “The Daisy” p. 108 Wed, Sept.28 In­class movie, "Young Andersen" Fri, Sept. 30 In­class movie, "Young Andersen" Mon, Oct. 3 Exam 1 Review Wed, Oct. 5 First Exam (in class) 4 Unit II: The Social Critic Fri, Oct. 7 The Many Faces of Romanticism CFTS: “The Angel” p. 200 “The Garden of Eden,” p. 132 “The Hill of Elves” p. 282 Mon, Oct. 10 Andersen in Love HCA: In Chapter 3, pp. 130­147 CFTS: The Sweethearts” p. 213 “The Butterfly” p. 782 Wed, Oct. 12 Love, Pride, and Irony HCA: In Chapter 4, “Your Only Fault was Love,” pp. 148­163 CFTS: “The Swineherd” p. 193 “The Shepherdess and the Chimney Sweep,” p. 297 “The Collar” p. 366 Fri, Oct. 14 Love, Betrayal, and Pain HCA: In Chapter 6, “Distant Shores,” pp. 308­324 CFTS: “The Naughty Boy,” p. 38 “The Pact of Friendship,” p. 176 “The Snowman,” p. 718 Mon, Oct. 17 Love under the Sea HCA: In Chapter 4, “Your Only Fault was Love,” pp. 189­201 CFTS: “The Little Mermaid,” p. 57 DF: “The Prince and the Merman”, “The Merman” Wed, Oct. 19 Love in Town CFTS: “Under the Willow Tree,” p. 431 “Ib and Little Christina,” p. 469 Fri., Oct. 21 Love in the Mountains 5 CFTS: “The Ice Maiden,” p. 735 Mon., Oct. 24 Love, Obsession, and Death CFTS: “The Steadfast Tin Soldier,” p. 112 “What the Wind Told of Valdemar Daae and His Daughters,” p. 595 Wed., Oct. 26 Love, Obsession, and Distraction CFTS: First half of “The Snow Queen” pp. 234­252 Fri., Oct. 28 Love, Obsession, and Salvation CFTS: Second half of “The Snow Queen,” pp. 252­262 Mon, Oct. 31 The Crisis of Romanticism CFTS: “The Millennium,” p. 428 “The Old Street Lamp,” p. 313 “The Candles,” p. 992 Wed, Nov. 2 Andersen and Kierkegaard HCA: In Chapter 5: “In Fairy Tale Land,” pp. 248­262 WS: Excerpt of Kierkegaard’s Fromthe Papers of One Still Living Fri, Nov. 4 Andersen and Danish Society HCA: In Chapter 6, “Distant Shores,” pp. 268­272 CFTS: The Darning Needle,” p. 271 “The Dung Beetle,” p. 705 Mon, Nov. 7 Social Climbers HCA: In Chapter 7, “The Water of Life,” pp. 325­331 CFTS: “The Princess and the Pea,” p. 20 “The Janitor's Son,” p. 865 Wed, Nov. 9 Society’s Outcasts HCA: In Chapter 7, “The Water of Life,” pp. 336­342, 349­360, 390­395 CFTS: “The Little Match Girl,” p. 306 6 “She Was No Good,” p. 452 “Everything in Its Right Place,” p. 416 Fri, Nov. 11 Danish Society in Transition HCA: In Chapter 7, “The Water of Life,” pp. 405­410 CFTS: “Grief,” p. 414 “A Drop of Water,” p. 354 “In the Duckyard,” p. 723 Mon., Nov. 14 Andersen Abroad HCA: In Chapter 6, “Distant Shores,” pp. 263­267, 289­295 In Chapter 7, “The Water of Life,” pp. 395­405 In Chapter 8, “The Path from Nature to God,” pp. 420­438, 443­450 In Chapter 9, “Among Brothers,” pp. 479­485, 492­494 Wed., Nov. 16 Fri., Nov. 18 Exam 2 Review Second Exam (in class) Unit II: The Aging Artist Mon., Nov. 21 The Role of the Artist HCA: In Chapter 10, “The Man in the Moon,” pp. 495­515 CFTS: “A Happy Disposition," p. 410 “Something,” p. 539 “The Gardener and His Master,” p. 1015 Wed., Nov. 23 The Artist as Craftsman HCA: In Chapter 10, “The Man in the Moon,” pp. 516­520 CFTS: “The Bronze Pig,” p. 156 “Psyche,” p. 785 Fri., Nov. 25 NO CLASS­­THANKSGIVING HOLIDAYS 7 Mon, Nov. 28 The Artist as Trickster CFTS: “The Flying Trunk,” p. 145 “Professor and the Flea,” p. 1022 Wed., Nov, 30 The Divided Soul HCA: part of Chapter 4, “Your Only Fault was Love,” pp. 163­178 CFTS: “The Shadow,” p. 334 . Fri., Dec. 2 Art and its Audience CFTS: “The Pen and the Inkwell,” p. 639 “The Nightingale,” p. 203 “The Pixy and the Grocer,” p. 424 Mon, Dec. 5 Creeds and Deeds HCA: In Chapter 10, “The Man in the Moon,” pp. 525­537 CFTS: “The Red Shoes,” p. 289 “On The Last Day,” p. 401 “The Girl Who Stepped on Bread,” p. 606 Wed, Dec. 7 Deism, Pantheism, and Atheism CFTS: “The Angel.” p. 200 “The Old Oak Tree's Last Dream,” p. 545 “The Evil King,” p. 592 Fri., Dec. 9 Beyond the Veil HCA: In Chapter 10, “The Man in the Moon,” pp. 537­541 DF: “About the Stolen Barley­corns,” p. 55 “The Elf Children,” p. 57 CFTS: “The Dead Child,” p. 642 “The Story of a Mother,” p. 360 “The Pine Tree,” p. 225 “The Flax,” p. 369 8 Mon, Dec. 12 “Farewell to my Life, Farewell to my Readers” HCA: In Chapter 10, “The Man in the Moon,” pp. 541­554 CFTS: “The Will­o­wisps are in Town the Bog Witch Said,” p. 799 “Auntie Toothache,” p. 1058 “The Story Old Johanna Told,” p. 1026 Wed, Dec. 14 Exam 3 Review Fri., Dec. 16 Third Exam (in class) 9 ...
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