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Blood Lipids - Lower LDL Omega-3 fats Reduce chances of...

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Blood Lipids Heart disease linked to blood cholesterol levels High levels of LDL mean a lot of cholesterol headed for arteries   increased risk  of heart disease High levels of HDL mean more cholesterol leaving the body   decreased risk Diet and Blood Lipids Dietary lipids, after digestion and absorption, become blood lipids Dietary fats and other dietary components have predictable effects on blood  lipids, with good and bad guys Dietary Factors that Increase Risk of CHD Saturated Fats Prevent uptake of LDL from blood by liver and have powerful elevating effect on  LDL   increase cholesterol Trans-Fatty Acids Raise LDL cholesterol Much less room for reduction of  Cholesterol Dietary cholesterol will raise blood cholesterol levels Dietary Factors that Decrease Risk of CHD Monounsaturated fats and omega-6 polyunsaturates
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Unformatted text preview: Lower LDL Omega-3 fats Reduce chances of having a heart attack Lower blood triglycerides (which can contribute to heart attacks when high enough) Reduce blood clotting through their effect on eicosanoid synthesis Reduce risk of sudden death (possibly by helping to stabilize the heart beat during a heart attack) EPA and EHA responsible for these positive effects Alcohol Moderate amounts increase HDL and lower heart attack risk High intakes offer no protection and increase risk of cancer, liver disease, high blood pressure, andmore Soluble Fiber Binds with bile acids, made with choleterol in, in the gut, forming an insoluble compound Prevents reabsorption of bile acids recirculation excretion Tends to lower blood cholesterol...
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