Body Composition

Body Composition - Body Composition Total body mass is the...

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Unformatted text preview: Body Composition Total body mass is the sum of lean tissue mass and fat mass Obesity stems from fat mass Body fat norms for age and sex Normally women have higher body fat than men, and body fat increases with age in adulthood **Underwater weighing is the gold standard for body composition measure the density of the body by comparing dryland weight, underwater weight, and the volume of water displaced by the body because fat floats and lean tissue sinks, density predicts fatness Calipers are used to measure thickness of the fat layer under the skin in several locations putting these values into an equation yields percent body fat Body Impedance Analysis (BIA)- a method of measuring body composition utilizing the fact that lean tissue, with a high water content, conducts electricity relatively well, while fat tissue, with a low water content, conducts electricity...
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