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Cancer - Chemical carcinogens induce cancer in animals More...

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Cancer Animal Studies Tell us that high fat intakes, particularly high polyunsaturated fat intakes, spur the  onset of cancer Can see this from two types of studies: those looking for spontaneous tumors  and those using chemical  carcinogens  (chemical which causes cancer) Spontaneous tumor study Experimental animals given high fat diet and control animals a low fat diet Experimental animals get more cancer Researches use chemical carcinogens
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Unformatted text preview: Chemical carcinogens induce cancer in animals More PUFA yields more cancer Human Studies Nurses Health Study Detailed look at diet and habits of thousands of health professionals No correlation between fat intake and breast cancer Many criticisms to study Haven’t seen the ability of polyunsaturated fat to cause cancer in humans the way it does in animals...
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  • Fall '09
  • Anderson
  • high fat diet, low fat diet, high fat intakes, chemical carcinogens, Nurses Health Study, CancerAnimal Studies

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