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CARBOHYDRATE AND HEALTH Effects of Added Sugars Naturally occurring sugars are those found in naturally sweet foods, but also  include nutrients Added sugars do not have nutrients After the Industrial Revolution, we learned how to extract just the sweet part of  foods, leaving the nutrients behind Nutrient density - a measure of the amount of nutrients found in a given number  of calories for a particular food Added sugars are also a very concentrated source of energy Sugar also promotes dental  caries  (cavities in the teeth caused by acid produced  from carbohydrate by mouth bacteria) Effects of Fiber Insoluble fiber keeps the digestive tract healthy   absorbs water, swells, and  increases volume of stool   helps  peristalsis - the rhythmic contraction of bands 
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Unformatted text preview: of muscle ringing the digestive tract that keeps food moving through the tract Insoluble fiber also helps prevent diverticular disease , which is the outpouching of the intestine caused by high pressures due to a low fiber diet Soluble fiber seems to lower blood cholesterol levels it binds with bile acids so the gut cannot reabsorb them and the body cannot reuse them; the body excretes them, and blood cholesterol levels decrease Soluble fibers slow down absorption of carbohydrate after enzymes digest it lowers blood sugar levels and helps control diabetes All types of fiber lower the energy density of food, so that you get fewer calories from an ounce or a plateful of food...
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