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Catabolism Body breaking itself down, occurs during exercise, fasting, or physiological  stress, when the body needs energy Adenosine triphosphate   (ATP)  – high energy chemical compound used in the  body to transfer energy from nutrients to various life processes ATP carries energy from food to cell   powers ours movement Different types of exercise produce energy using different metabolic pathways,  and all utilize ATP Epinephrine, norepinephrine, and and glucagon direct catabolism ATP can be produced in many ways   which one you use depends on the type,  intensity and duration of the exercise, as well as the availability of fuel sources  In anaerobic metabolism, used for high intensity exercise, energy is produced  without oxygen, because the circulatory system cannot delivery sufficient  amounts to keep up with need. Glucose is converted to lactic acid to produce 
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Unformatted text preview: ATP. Fat can never be used as fuel anaerobically. In aerobic metabolism, used in lower intensities, oxygen is used for energy production because the circulatory system is capable of supplying adequate amounts. This pathway for ATP production predominates in long duration aerobic exercise. The body can use carbs, fatty acids, and amino acids as fuel This is also the only way the body can burn fat as fuel Fate of a Bowl of Oatmeal Breakfast replenishes muscle glycogen (if low after exercise), otherwise it would go into body fat anabolic process Exercise after breakfast food is absorbed into blood, taken up by muscle and burned to power run Skipping meals tends to cause more muscle loss than fat loss...
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  • high intensity exercise, energy chemical compound, glucagon direct catabolism, long duration aerobic, various life processes

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