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COMPARING ANCIENT AND MODERN DIETS Food Availability Has Improved Industrial Revolution   humans learned to produce vast quantities of surplus  food and to modify its nutrient content Diet Composition Has Changed Modern diets contain more energy than pre-industrial times Prehistoric   protein, fat, calories from complex carbs, starch Today   more fat, sugar, less starch PATTERNS OF HEALTH AND DISEASE People today die from different causes than people did a thousand years ago  Diseases of Poverty Infectious diseases and injury
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Unformatted text preview: Micronutrient deficiencies Less medical care less access to prevention and treatment People are less likely to live long enough to develop chronic disease Diseases of Affluence Chronic diseases heart disease, cancer, stroke, diabetes AIDS and pneumonia/influenza result from excess energy, fat, saturated fat, salt, etc Infectious disease and injuries are rare bc of better prevention and treatment Health problems caused by lifestyle factors Need more whole grains, vegetables, fruits...
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