DIETARY FIBER - Examples include jellies and puddings...

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DIETARY FIBER Cellulose - a fiber consisting of glucose polymers, indigestible to humans but  digestible to ruminant animals Ruminant - a member of the family including cattle, sheep, and goats,  possessing a digestive tract capable of breaking down cellulose Insoluble fiber - fiber that does not dissolve in water. Absorbs water, swells, and  adds bulk to intestinal contents Soluble fiber - fiber that dissolves in water. Makes intestinal contents more  viscous. Gel - a liquid thickened by the addition of a dissolved solid, such as soluble fiber. 
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Unformatted text preview: Examples include jellies and puddings. Insoluble Fiber Hemi-cellulose- an insoluble fiber similar to cellulose Lignin- an insoluble fiber that is not a polysaccharide. Found in the woody portion of plants. Whole grains are good sources of insoluble fiber Soluble Fiber Pectin- a soluble fiber. Used to make jellies. Beta-glucan- a soluble fiber found in oats Gums and mucilages- forms of soluble fiber...
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